Sunday, October 19, 2014

Week 6....Half Way There!

Week 6 was PAINT.

I'm not a big fan of painting but I guess I can when I need to.  I found a few little pieces of glass from broken frames and decided to use one of those.

I know Marion would be proud!  I used acrylic paints that I've had forever.

Can use any surface you choose. For example: wood, canvas, walls, glass. 

• Must be Botanical Painting (botanical such as flowers, leaves, trees, mushrooms, herbs)
• Must be a complete project
• Must be your own original work
• The botanical portion needs to be the main focus of the painting. Not just a border or a flower accent.
• We need to be able to see the botanical image in your finished project.
• You must sign your piece.
• Can use whatever colors you choose but must include the color YELLOW Paint somewhere on the project can be your signature if need be

Wonder what next week will be....we have widdled down to about 15 people left.

Week 5

Yarn or Thread!

Can be crocheting, needlepoint, counted cross stitch, sewing, knitting, embroidery, latch hook, weaving, and macramé
• Must be a project that can be done within the time limit. Both moderators are skilled in these.
• Must have both of these colors in project:
Coca Cola or Cherry Red
Black or White

After a few go rounds with one of the Moderators..I don't think she likes me....don't know why but I really have that feeling.  I simply said that the challenge said that it must have the colors in it but didn't say it was limited to those colors.  (By the way I did see others use other colors....
oh well....)

I decided to try to Arm Knit!!!

I like it but really would have rather used 'chunky' yarn!  Just couldn't find any that they would approve.

It was fun anyway and I will be making some of these with chunky yarn and in the colors I want!  I'm thinking great quick gifts.  It isn't hard once you get the hang of it.

Week 4

For this week for the 12 Challenges of Crafting at Scrapbook Friends and More Crafts on Facebook it was a little more up my alley!

Card making!  BUT not just any cards....The techniques were not easy!  I won't list them all but there was a choice of 10 different techniques.

You must make 3 cards as listed below:
A Birthday Card
A Thinking of you Card
A Holiday Card (your choice of holiday)
Must use one of the following technique on the cards such as (each card must use a different technique)

Must have a stamped or printed sentiment on the inside
Must be obvious what the theme of the cards are
Must list which technique they used for each card
Must show all the components of your cards
Must post picture of the front of the cards and the inside of the cards
Embellish as desired 

The first I did was the shaker card.

The second was a double slider....

And the last was a tri-shutter card.

They all were surprisingly not as hard as I thought they would be!

Week 3....

For week 3 the challenge was:

• Must be Animals, Insects or Fish Themed
• Must be at least 3 inches (must take picture with ruler so we can see what it measures, if picture is posted without ruler it will not be eligible 
• Must tell what type of clay used
• Project must primarily made of clay
• Show project with ruler
• You can embellish your project with paint, beads or whatever you desire
• Be sure you project is cohesive and finished if is does not look cohesive and finished it will not be eligible to continue
• Do not just roll out a line of clay and call it a worm or snake that will not meet the requirement if you choose to make a worm/snake there should be details so that when we see it we instantly know it is a worm or snake

I actually made two for this one too....the first one was rejected (then she changed her mind but I had already removed it...she said it looked 'too cartoonish' although she realized that was not in the rules I guess....)

Here is the one they rejected....

But luckily I had a back up that I actually did first....very simple and I'm thinking I can use it on a scrapbook layout.

I will paint it first though....I've had that clay forever so it was good to actually use it!

Week Two

For week two of the 12 Challenges of Crafting on Scrapbook Friends and More Crafts was to use a 'household' item and alter it.

• Must be a holiday ornament (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah) 
• Needs to be a household item altered from its original state
• Must have holiday themed ribbon

So....I used toothpicks!  Here is what I came up with.  I will be making more of them and I hope to master them a bit better.  I used glue with this one but will be using HOT glue in the future.

And I was ready with a back up just in case here is what I made with a spool!

 More to come for week's 3-6!


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