Thursday, September 20, 2007

What is a girl to do?

I'm thinking.....yes....I have some more BH sketches that we can use and I'm gonna post them...but I think I'm going to finish posting them all this weekend....that way if anyone wants to sit down to do them ALL and have a HUGE card making feast they can....I think also if I do this challenge again that I'm only going to post a couple of sketches a week....don't think I've ever made so many cards in one month! HA!

Here is one more sketch and hopefully Saturday I can sit down and just post the rest of them.....I WILL make cards with ALL of these sketches....right now it looks like Amy is going to take it away with this stack of goodies...but there is STILL time!!!!! BEYOND the sketches is CRAZY! This week there just aren't enough hours in a day....But who am I to complain!!! I am blessed beyond measure and I owe all of it to an AWESOME God!

It looks like we have finally settled on the car....hopefully will have a check here in a week or when it comes to the pain and suffering part, who knows how long that will take....need to make sure our attorney has ALL the bills....

Next weekend Vince and celebrate 20 years!!! Wow....where has the time gone?? Think I need to do a whole post dedicated to my wonderful hubby....and the 20 phenomenal years we have had together! Guess right now though, I'll close.....

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Where did Monday go???

Oh man....where did Monday go??? I was non stop go and didn't even get to come ON here much less post the sketch! So sorry guys!

Apparently AT&T decided to upgrade their email server and in doing so lost the email list for our ASF Newsletter! So.....that meant I had to manually (luckily it was copy/paste) almost 600 names into the new one! Oh it done though, so that is a good thing and now it will be a tad easier to manage!

Guess I need to post the sketch huh?

This one is going to take a little creative thinking! is the CURRENT sketch! So....why not submit it after you create it!?!


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