Saturday, December 29, 2007

Scrappin the New Year In!

Woohooo! I'm scrapping the new year in! (or should I say scrapping the old one out!) I'm READY for 2008!!! 2007 wasn't the easiest year....but then could have been WORSE so I'm not complaining!

Here are 2 layouts I got done today! Dh gave me the title for this first one! He is sooo good at that!

Here is some things I've been up to!

How about sharing a few things I've been up to...

Been making lots of cards with Queen Kat Designs Stamps! Here are several of a stamp that is coming out in Jan! Just a FEW days away!! You'll wanna get one as soon as they hit the store!

What have you been up to???

Friday, December 28, 2007

Look What's coming!!

On January 2, we will kick off the first QKD Round Robin Blog Party! It will all start on the main QKD Blog and then every few days we will "blog hop" to each of the Royal Court Members' blogs throughout the month. There's fun and prizes so mark your calendar. The party will begin here on Jan 2 and will end on Feb 6 @ Amy's Blog. See the full schedule below. Each of the Royal Court members has fun things planned for you.

Jan 2: QKD Blog
Jan 3-5: Penny
Jan 7-9: Vicki
Jan 10-12: Nina
Jan 14-16: Tanis
Jan 17-19: Nancy
Jan 21-23: Bev
Jan 24-26: Anam
Jan 28-30: Jules
Jan 31- Feb 2: Pooka
Feb 4-6: Amy

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Hope your day was filled with all that you dreampt of and MORE!

We had a great day! A bit of a 'scaled' down year for us but by the kids reactions you would NEVER know it! And that is what made it GREAT!

The biggest hit was one of Mason's gifts....he got very few 'gifts' under the tree because our gift to him was relieving him of some debts he had with us for his car (nicest present that anyone got! But hey...sometimes it just works that way) Of course mom couldn't let him go without ANYTHING under the a small boy....from about 3 until he was 5 ish he fell in LOVE with these little metal 'real' tools called "Cool Tools". He had everyone that they ever made (we think) and they were the highlight of his toys...played with them EVERY day...and one time even helped dad fix the car because of a Cool Tool! (none of dads tools were working! HA!) He had the whole get up....the tool box, the tool belt and even the work bench...they make them now but they are NOT metal any the 'real' has gone out of most families grow the toys are sold at the yearly yard sale or otherwise lost in the ages of growing up...well....Mom found a few of them on none other than 'Ebay' of the auctions I quickly was the BIG collection....BUT it went way over the price we could pay...BUT much to my surprise I won the other bid! Not quite as big...but still said the same wrapped it with sweet smiles on her face praying that it would hit the same spot with him as it did with us!

And sure enough....the second he saw what it was...tears poured out of this 18 year old young man....he held each tool with those eyes that brought him back to when he was a young sweet was the day!

So...I'll close for this beautiful Christmas Day and pray that yours held a moment that was so dear and sweet....


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