Friday, April 11, 2008

To Do ATC...and a little more..

Today was a busy but fairly good day....those don't happen as often as I'd like....nothing major to make it good, just nothing to make it bad...

I did the 'busy' first. We are ALMOST done! YEA! Then clean the house and the usual 4 loads of laundry (4 more to do tomorrow...sigh). And cleaned up a few other little hot spots in the house.

THEN finally I scrapped! Not one of my April 'goal' layouts but it is a C52 layout and I made it work for the survivor challenge for Tally too! YEA! I do love the layout and enjoyed the time reading Marion's journal again. As many times as I've read that I always love reading it over and over again.

Here it is..
And here is a little close up of the journaling.

AND I'm not finished! I made my April ATC! YEA ME! Nothing is completed on it yet...but I had a thought, even if I don't get them done I can go back and complete goal is to have them done in April, but then again they are WANTS to do' if I don't get them done in April I will still WANT to do them!

Anyway....I'm watching some crazy movie that Martina and John rented...not to sure if I like it or not....I'll let you know later! HA!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I'm gonna....

Why is it that when I WANT to go scrap I can't...and then when I have the chance to I don't??? Are you like this?? I don't think this is true just for the scrapping world WANT to do things, but you put them off or just don't do them....why do we do that? I wish I had the answers, but for me I need something to push me and make me do something....

But I don't wanna just challenge myself in my scrapping/stamping world...I want to apply this to my here is the deal....this is my 'challenge to me'.....This is the fourth for April I'm giving myself 4 challenges....and if it works like I want it do in May I'll give myself 5!

1. Create 8 layouts that are JUST FOR ME
2. Loose 5 lbs before Chris and Nikki's wedding (May 10)
3. Upload music to my ipod thingy I got for Christmas (not a real one) Yes, I is April!
4. Use FABRIC on a layout...I've NEVER done this and have wanted to for years

I was inspired to do this from going HERE {I} am Inspiration Because I can be my own inspiration!!

Wanna join me??? Come on.....let's get out of the rut together! OH...and to make sure I SEE this challenge every day....I'm off to create myself a few ATC type cards that LIST these....hmm....this could be interesting.....hmmm....maybe I'm on to something??? Now...keep bugging me until I show it to ya!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Bi-Weekly QK Challenge!

Today Tanis has a sketch challenge for the Queen Kat Designs DT and now that life has settled down I get to finally play! Here is the sketch and my example using it!




Hope you enjoy! Feel free to use the sketch and post a link to show me YOUR creation!

Monday.... news....check out Reva's blog!!! She got it done and I'm sooooo proud of her! She is an awesome photographer and I surely see her going PLACES!

Reva Laz Vegaz Photography

We are going to talk about her prices in a few weeks......

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Man...that was scary!

Friday was a ROUGH day for our neighborhood! I think this am we counted at least 5 to 6 houses that people cannot live in due to the destruction.

We had a tornado go through about 1:00ish (I this point I don't even remember what time it was...we were huddled in our hallway and then made a mad dash for Martina's bathroom!). It did a lot of damage to our community. A good part of the folks around here do not have electricity.

We were spared and only lost a few shingles on our roof (at least so far that is what we see) and a few trees down in the back yard. We also had 3 pieces of our fence blown down. Two are temporarily put back up so far. The guy on that side is going to call the fence company....we put the fence up about 2 or 3 years ago so he said it is his turn. The one piece that is down on the other side is really a privacy part of a fence so there is a chain link on the other side of it. We have other minor stuff...The two trees we lost are on the creek and one of them was a big part of our shade so now we have more light in our den that I care for but what can we do....we are thankful that they didn't go on or in our house like so many others in our neighborhood! Besides the 5 or 6 that are not livable there are again as many that have trees that fell on their houses...(just not in them). So there are lots of blue tarps up that is for sure. The neighborhood right behind ours (the other side of the creek) still don't have electricity....WalMart and Brookshires are running off of generators....but they are open! was a day to remember...huddled together, praying for protection.....and a weekend full of thanksgiving! Some how no one got hurt!!!

I've got big news to share about Reva's photograph here in a bit....she is super excited!


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