Saturday, April 19, 2008


Why is it when you think you are trying to help people, be kind and understanding, it turns out that you are looked at as wrong? That you become the 'evil' person? That you become the 'topic' of the day, week, year? That you now are shunned? Oh, not to your face, they smile at you and treat you in front of others that wouldn't know what is going on as if they have nothing against you. But directly at you, you see the contempt pour from their eyes. Other's say that they want to put things behind them but in all actuality they are still sharing their contempt of you with others while you remain silent? But now you look into the faces of those that they have talked to and see the same contempt...they have held a grudge for the other person against you. It could be something that you say, the way you say it, or who it is said to. They say that the subject is over, but you see the glares and stares from people they have talked to? Why is it that people can't be honest and say what they want to say directly to you?

I have faced this problem in my life for years now. This is not new to me....and I don't want to sound like a martyr...because I know this is not a new thing, and something that I'm sure we have all faced in our lives.

But what I do know is that I can face this head on, I can turn the bad into go with the help of Christ and the Heavenly Father. He will make this right, he will make intercession for me...I will take this time to reflect and see where the fault lies within me.

Yes, I can be a judgmental person, yes I have faults, yes I am wrong, yes I make mistakes, yes I am not perfect. But what I can do is hide...not in the sense that you can't see me, but hide behind my Creator, let HIM be seen. If I present HIM in front of ME then maybe others won't see my faults or shun me for them. I will let Him be my Shield, my Strength, my Shelter. For if they want to shun me then or glare at me with contempt they will be doing the same to the Creator, because He stands before me. I just have to keep Him there.....

Dear Heavenly Father, God, Creator of All,

Hear the cry of my heart and help me. I am but a shameful sinner, saved by grace, Your grace. Help me say on the words that YOU would have me say. Help me think only the thoughts YOU would have me think. Help me even with this grey box to show others that You are in front of me, I will follow you.

Your humble servant,

Side note...I went to review my lesson for my small group tomorrow am....and guess what the title is....'How to deal with Rejection' that not how our God works! He knew that I would need that as much as those girls!!!! Pray I can get through it without tears and once again be HIDDEN!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Think about this....

Mother's day is JUST around the corner! You know what would make an AWESOME gift?? I do...because I get it every month and LOVE them! A QKD Kit! Even if 'mom' (or treat know your kids will ask you what you want right???) doesn't 'scrap' or make cards this is the perfect gift to get them started! All you would need to add is a stamp pad! AND since the April kits come with a 'freebie' you could keep the freebie yourself (unless the kit is for you anyway.....which if it were me, it would be!)

Here is April's Kit! Numbers are LIMITED!!!! Come get it NOW!!!

QKD Kits

Sorry for being a commercial :) but there are still kits for April left in the QKD Store. Get them Here

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C52 Layouts!!

Yea me! HA....considering tomorrow is C52 and they HAD to be done, here are my C52 layouts for April! Fun stuff to work with! Fancy Pants and Dream Street. Also includes the goodies from the single page that I shared a few days ago (Lakeside Ranch).

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I found this today as I was surfing....thought it was soooo good and of course I had to share!

......I will

I will do More than belong,
.....I will participate

I will do More than believe,
.....I will practice

I will do More than forgive,
.....I will forget

I will do More than teach,
.....I will inspire

I will do More than care,
.....I will help

I will do More than dream,
.....I will work

I will do More than give,
.....I will serve.

Isn't that strong???

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Okay...putting this in a post of it's own so it can be linked to the challenge! You guys really NEED to check this challenge out and play along! I'm sure you will be glad you did!

Realize that the inspiration for what you do lies within YOU! All the creative juices are there....think about it....find it....and then let the creative juices flow! Sometimes it takes a little jump start from 'seeing' something else...but what comes out is YOU!

When you scrap a page, those photographs are YOURS, they are special to you for whatever reason....anyone else looks at them and there is a whole different meaning....when you create a card you are the one that puts the stamp where you put it, puts the piece of ribbon here or uses that color are unique...and you will create what inspires YOU! GO FOR IT!


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