Thursday, January 31, 2008


Make sure you go over to Pooka's Blog! Cuz the party still continues and that is where you will find it! I'm sure she has some CREATIVE challenges up her sleeve for you all!

Thank you to everyone who played!

Jan 31- Feb 2: Pooka

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Day 3!

Sniff sniff....the last one.....Thanks ladies for 'playing'! It has been great!

Day 1 was Queen, Day 2 was Kat and so that leaves Day 3 as

Designs! I love designs.....I have been staring at a Dr Pepper logo and trying to figure out how to use it on a project! So... HOW could I let the QKD Logo go without notice!

Take a hard look at the QKD Logo at the top of the store page and let it be the inspiration for your design today! Maybe you will design your creation using the colors, maybe the oval shape, what ever it is just let me know HOW it inspired you for your creation!

The only ONLY on here is you have to use a stamp SOMEWHERE on your project! AND if you use a QKD stamp (current only) I'll give you an extra entry!

Make sure you post a link here to your creation and then if it uses only QKD Stamps make sure you post it in the QKD Gallery!

If you think I'm going to leave you empty handed, I'm is a card I made to get the juices flowing!

Have fun! Remember that ALL entries MUST be in by midnight 1/31/08! I'll announce the winners on Friday 2/1!! Have a great day!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Day 2! This one is EASY!!!

Okay....this one is will have to spend a bit of time, but really it is EASY!

Yesterday was we will focus on the KAT ~ well.....I think of cats....I love my kitty cat....she is so sneaky....sly....and sharp! So I want you to be like my kitty and find the answers to these questions from the QKD Store: (please send me an email with your answers, to and put QKD Answers in the subject line! THEN make a post in my comments that you sent me an email! Just in case....I know I've had emails 'lost in space' before and I would NOT want that to happen here!) Three questions about the store....

a) There are how many different categories of stamps in the QKD store? (looking for a number)

b) Which background stamp is your favorite and why?

c) Give me the names of all of the QKD DT members

You have until Midnight CST to send these to me! Have a WONDERFUL STAMPING DAY!
Each correct answer receives an entry!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Now that the 'stuff' is out of the way....

You wanna know the first challenge right!?!

The first one is focusing around the 'Queen' in Queen Kat Designs! Queens wear CROWNS right?? Of course they do!!! For challenge #1 you must use a CROWN! You also must STAMP on your project! The stamp does not have to be a crown though....BUT it could be!

THEN if you use a QKD stamp on your project you will get an extra entry! AND if you think I'm gonna stop THERE....well...think again....if you use a QKD stamp that IS a crown you will get ANOTHER entry!! (there are a few different sets that have crowns in them!)

AND just in case you don't have one of those sets...well...if Vicki verifies to me that you placed an order for a QKD stamp set with a crown I will give you FIVE entries (so even if you don't have time to MAKE anything for this challenge you can STILL win!!!)

So....what are you waiting on!!! GET BUSY!!!

And to get you is a card I made for ya!

It's HERE It's HERE!

FINALLY The PARTY is here! Are you ready???? Who is going to win the set from here? Besides the set from QKD I'm going to randomly be picking 2 other winners that I'll send some little happies from my stash! So make sure you enter and enter often!

Now if you've been following the know how it goes....but in case there is someone out there that doesn't know how it works, I'll give ya the details....

1) I will host challenges for 3 days. (I am a home educator....I will do my BEST to have this posted BEFORE we start school for the day....but if for some reason it doesn't get posted I'll get it as soooooon as I get done with school!)

2) All 'points' = 1 entry (one time name in the 'hat'). At the end of the 3 days I will put the names in a hat and my wonderful hubby will draw one name for the mini stamp set!

3) Then I'm going to have him draw two other names for a little envelope of goodies from me!

4) You must post a link here on the appropriate day's challenge to your entry! IF it uses a QKD stamp then you really SHOULD post it in the QKD gallery!!!

5) HAVE FUN!!!! SHARE YOUR CREATIVITY!!!! See....I'm excited about this because I LOVE ideas and inspiration! So you might be getting the 'prize' but EVERYONE wins the inspiration!

6) ALL entries MUST be linked here by MIDNIGHT Central Time 1/31/08 in order to be eligible for the prizes!

Are ya ready???

The P-A-R-T-Y is here in the am!!! Wooohooo...well...ACTUALLY if I wanted to I could post in about 30 minutes...and I JUST MIGHT DO THAT! The QK blog party hits here next! Woohooo! I've got my challenges...and a few all you gotta do is HAVE FUN! Can't wait to see what everyone ends up doing!

See ya soon!


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