Saturday, September 01, 2007

National Stamping Month!!!

Woohooo! It is NATIONAL stamping month! And I wanna celebrate! I had a BIG idea today when I was going through my new CK Mag....saw how someone now is always doing a card with Becky's sketches! Thought to myself...pretty fun idea! Why not go back to some of her older sketches and see what we could come up with... is the deal! Every other day I'm gonna post one of Becky's older sketches
(clicking on that will take you to her site with all the sketches!) and I CHALLENGE YOU to create a card (or two) from her sketches! For everyone that you send a link to I'll put your name in the hat for a drawing of a NICE prize package! It will be at LEAST valued at $25 and will include everything from paper to stamps!!! So...what are you waiting for! Also...if it is okay that I snag your creations I'll put them all in a slide show to share on here!

Here is the first sketch! Feel free to us EITHER side of this one! (or do a card for both!)

It is from June 2006

Here are some examples to get the juices flowing!

OOOOHHH....and if you want MORE chances to win...BRING a friend or two or three along! For every friend that you bring to play I'll give you 5 more chances! Just make sure that YOU BOTH mention that you brought them here!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It's been a while...

So I was told ( a round about way) that it is time for me to UPDATE this blog! Since Vince got the stitches my life just has not been fun...of course they don't want to heal. He was off work for 10 days. When he finally got his leg back (the prosthetic dr kept it hostage...ha!) we thought things were going to look up. He could not put it on right away because of some swelling. Well...apparently it is swollen where it has changed things a lot for his leg. He got it back last Friday....couldn't put it on but Sat am he was able to...after about 2 hours though it really started to hurt. Took it off and wore it a few more times that day. Sunday it was worse. More back to the dr he went on Monday. They have realized that the swelling really has not gone down. He took a liner that he had in his leg out to provide some comfort and while he was doing that realized that Vince had lost a few stitches. Not a huge problem except in one area.

Anyway....they discussed that taking the liner out would has a bit but not really. He went to work Tuesday and by the time he got home he was screaming. He had to use a cart to help him around work just to get through the day. Today it was maybe a HAIR better, but you can still see the pain. He made it through another day at work though...

His boss called today not realizing that he was even BACK! How funny it that! On a GREAT note they are sending him some help next week. And he will be local again. So that is GREAT news. He has Monday off so we are praying that with Sat/Sun/Mon off maybe it will get better yet.

I pulled out 3 stitches, he lost 3 or 4 but there are still 3 in there. Going to leave them there through the weekend. Don't see how that could hurt. And really there is only one area (again about the size of an inch) that just doesn't look good. Not that it is so bad that there is an infection, I just wish it would close up better. It isn't oozing, or if it is it is NOT blood...(last night it was oozing blood a little)...

Sigh, sigh, sigh....I know God is in the midst of all this, really I do but yet I cry out to Him.

On a GOOD note, we have started school and for the most part that is going great. Monday was a 'monday' but we almost expect that. Reva is holding an A and a B in her work right now so I'm okay with that....oh....and her attitude is much better! We are speaking again...HA!

Okay...I'll stop rambling and leave ya with this layout that I did. It was featured in Lifetime Moments online newsletter! Woohooo for me! Guess you could almost call that my first little 'toot'.....


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