Saturday, August 11, 2007

Words On Paper

I was 'cleaning' up yesterday and a piece of paper fell out on the floor....of course I said to myself...what is I bend over...pick it up and realize it is a love letter my wonderful dh wrote me right after he had gotten his prosthetic...after a year dealing with casting because of a disease called 'Charkot Foot' and it not healing we had a difficult choice to make...and we opted to have his leg amputated so he could go on with life...if we had not chosen that we would have had to face surgeries after surgeries to fix the 'bad' problems and then eventually probably face the amputation prayer and thought and my wonderful hubby had his leg amputated on July 1, wouldn't got infected because of falling on it while on his crutches trying to help after Katrina and he fell in a oil filled Sept 4, 2005 he had to go for a revision...thought it would be simple...cut off about another inch and go with was severely infected and we were in the hospital much longer than we thought and he had to actually go to surgery, and the couldn't close it (had to let the infection drain) and then go BACK to surgery a few days later to actually take the inch and close....but FINALLY it healed...and right around thanksgiving of 2005 he got his prosthetic!!! Few ups and downs since but all in all we know we chose the right option! Anyway...back to the was a letter he had written me after going through all of this....I reread it and of course words popped out at me and screamed...'SCRAP ME'....and that is exactly what I did. I did take the liberty to hand write his letter in my own handwriting, BUT it has every spelling booboo and grammatical error that the original does...AND the original is folded behind my handwritten one. I hope one days my kids will love this layout like I do...not only is it words from their wonderful father, but their mom used her hand writing too.....

Here is the letter:

Dec. 12, 2005
My Love,
Words on paper continue to fall short as to what my heart bursts to express. Your husband searches and never are like a rare gem that eludes a miner who spends a life time looking for...the words to express my heart are always two feet burried deeper...i tire yet my love for you remains hidden in your heart. I love you.
It has been a tough year for me physically, mentally and spiritually. I've endured pain, fear and uncertainty. I at one time was lost in a spiritual desert,thirsting for GOD's comfort, you remained my compass helping me find my way. In my pain you felt. In my uncertainty you showed confidence in me. You have calmed me in my many 'storms' of life, always reminding me of Christ's love to which you radiate and warm my cold heart.
You are the ingredient to my strength to go on. God provided the mixing bowl you are the chef. Through all my struggles in life you are there at my side, going thru it too and giving yourself to the point of depletion. Women always do.
I am richer knowing you, wealthy for having you and stronger for loving you.
Wife is a word you grace and give meaning to its tone. When I say it, it warms my heart and comforts my soul. when I think it there is only one picture of you in my
all this...words on paper, yet still my definition of how much I love you is burried on the next page. You define my heart and capture my soul.....
You are that gem............I am your Husband...........thank you, I am honored

And here is the layout...

Friday, August 10, 2007

Finally Friday!!! is kids are not in school but the neighbors are all there!! no one is calling to see if Noah can play or Lydia...and no questions about 'Can I go over to....' SWEEEET! HA! Haven't done too much this week besides find school books. I scrapped a few cards and one of the C52 layouts....the double page, and will be working on the singles here in a bit. Would like to have them done today. We are going to start revealing them sooner. That will make us get them done which will be a good thing. We are also trying to come up with some new ideas and what not for C52 to make it better. Even talking about having a second crop night for it! Love how it is growing slow but strong!

I got my Aug kit from QK Designs....OH MY OH MY OH MY! I wanna start to play with that too, but have to get the layouts done first! This kit ROCKS!!! The stamps are wonderful, the paper is so fun and the embellishments are perfect! The September kit looks great if you like card kits (of which there are not very many out there) go check it out before they are GONE!

I'm supposed to bring the kitty to get fixed today...need to find the phone number and see when the latest I can bring her over there is called the Big Fix funny is that! They are a group that was on the coast helping out there after Katrina and all the homeless poor kitty won't feel very good for a few days but then we won't have to listen to her when she goes in heat!

Okay...let me find a card to leave you with that I did yesterday....I used one of the flowers from one of QK's Funky Flower Stamp Sets! LOVE how it turned out!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Gonna give it a whirl

I'm trying to check out some of the challenge blogs! I love challenges and thought it might be fun to see if I could win something! So....found a challenge on Scrapdragons and thought I would try entering this layout!

Wish me luck!

Is it hot enough???

YUCK!!!! Can you say the word HOT? Already there is a heat index warning out there....I guess we should be thankful because this is the first really hot spell we have had this summer. July was actually below normal all month!

This weekend was a nice weekend. We had Nicole over Saturday night. We watched Stranger Than Fiction which has moved into the category of one of my all time favorite movies. We ate junk food and just laughed and caught up on life.

Yesterday was our last Sunday before we start small groups. We didn't have an equipping class to teach so we just went to the 9:30 service and decided to grab a bite after that. Came home and chilled until about 5:00. Then Martina, Vince and I headed back to church where the Student Ministry Team cooked us an awesome dinner. After we ate we had a quick 30 minute meeting to go over the new year. And they sent us home with Seattle Drip! YUM!

Came home and finished What I'd Tell layout! I really love how it turned out. Some old products on there including that vine die cut! I found it the other day along with some more of them which I just might be using here soon! The printed paper is Heidi Swap and Chatterbox! Wow, those have been in my stash for quite a while. Overall I just love how it turned out. And YES I have the sketch made for it! Just need to get it from my paper to the computer! HA!

I think I'll go get started on my Monday and see what today has in store for me!


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