Thursday, July 26, 2007

It's My BIRTHDAY...., in about another 35 minutes that is) is the day that my wonderful mom (and mind you at 92 she is wonderful!!!) gave birth to this gal. My sisters named me....from what I've been told, they were given a list of names by mom and dad and they picked Juliet. I can say that I'm pleased with what they picked...apparently one of the options was 'Gwendolyn'....I don't think that one fits me very well.

What will my day consist of? Who knows....I know according to a lot of little voices (Lydia informs me) that I have presents...hmmm....we will have to see what they are. Should be an interesting day that is for sure!

I'll leave it at that and maybe get a chance to hop over here and share the 'news'. Until then...check out the slide show I did! Wow....I'm moving up in the world huh?! HA!

Check out my Slide Show!


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