Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Well It's Wednesday

Yup, we made it to Wednesday....this week seems to be flying by. Sunday I started on a Mini Chipboard Album from QK Designs! She is selling them in her STORE so you have to check them out! have to see the new stamps for this month! Check them out HERE . We will also be selling the stamps at ASF!

Today we start the 31 Days Around the World Blog Party! That will keep me busy for August!

Yesterday I worked on the ASF Online Store . I uploaded lots of product but I have LOTS more to go! My goal is to have it all uploaded by Aug 15! Exciting stuff coming in there so keep checking! that is what is going on in the scrapping/cardmaking world. How about my house world! HA! Mason is still loving his job. I might get to go with him to his first school in November because he won't be 18 yet and he will need someone that can rent a car to get him from hotel to school....that would be lots of fun for the two of us! It is in Atlanta and I was thinking I could go see the little girl I got close to when we went to Atlanta this summer! That would be really special. I would also love to work at the apartment complex for those days. I'm sure I could get in touch with the missionary that we worked with.

Well, that is enough ramblings for now....I need to do some laundry!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sleepy Sunday!

I'm sooo sleepy today. Maybe that is because I was up until at least 3am. Couldn't sleep and had somewhat of an upset tummy. I've been working on a project for QK yesterday and today! I want to get it done because they are not my favorite thing to work with but I do like this one....I'll share as soon as I can!

I also got my DT project done for ASF's July 31 it! So you guys can see that here in a few days!

Today was church and came home to grill some dogs on the grill....Reva decided that she needed another bird so the kids all went to Pet Smart to obtain one. She is yellow...think they are going to call her 'Mellow' because she is yellow....ha! How original is that one. Safira is the white and blue that is a well thought about name....and I must say Safira is NOT happy with Mellow....she is the 'Alpha' bird that is for sure!

Okay, I'll quit my ramblings and go finish this project....


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