Thursday, April 30, 2009


For NSD...check THIS out!!!

HUGE Sale!!

May's here!! ok, will be here in a few hours. :) We are kicking the month off with a big huge SALE!!! Until Monday, take:

40% off of all QKD stamps
20% off of all Past kits
50% off of all Clearance Items

Don't wait till the last day to order. Get your order in today. Shop now and save BIG!

And speaking of the kits!!! OH MY.....Check out some of these samples from some of the kits that are need to go these prices they WON'T last long!!! YOU CANNOT beat these prices!!!! (6x6 kits would be $18.39 and that is SHIPPED, and 12x12 would be 20.79 and that is SHIPPED!!!)

This card was made by Penny from the August 08 kit....(there are only 2 of them left!!!)

This one was made by Vicki from the May 08 kit and there are only 2 of those left!

And this one I made from the March 09 kit and there are 5 of those left, but I KNOW they won't last long at this price!!!


Sunday, April 26, 2009

She Is Serving.....

On the 28th, my girl, my daughter, my friend, leaves for UAE for 3 months!!!

To say that I'm proud of her would be a HUGE understatement....and then on top of that to say that her Dad is proud of her is even MORE of an understatement! He knows because of being a 20 year vet, what it is like to serve and knows all the ins and outs of what her emotions are, what her thoughts are and some of what faces her in the next few months. Although it isn't a LONG deployment, it is one that will keep her apart from her daughter, her husband and her family non the less!

So, today my wonderful hubby was out and about and saw this flag. It is used as a symbol to let others know that you have a family member currently serving. Of course, his pride in her and this country that he loves so much, our country, he brought it home and he himself proudly placed it on our door....I think I saw a tear in his eye too...and of course I cried....I don't fear for her in the typical way that folks fear that their loved one is, my fear is more for myself....STAY SAFE GIRL!!! Momma and Daddy are PRAYING FOR YOU!!!


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