Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday...1/2 way through Sept!

Where is this month going??? I'm sitting here covered in fire ant bites...YUCK....we did some yard work on Friday and then later today we will be finishing up the back yard. At least my yard will look nice right?

I actually sat down at my table tonight and made 6 cards! YIPPIE! So....along with the sketch this time I HAVE the samples. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can get a few more made tomorrow...I'd also like to do a layout! HA! Need to do one more DT project for the end of the month AND 4 more to meet my goal. I've blown my card making goal out of the water this year...

Anyway...without further is the next sketch

And here are the examples!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


AAKK!!! I'm getting behind!!! Just haven't had a chance to SIT down to create this week....BUT after today it should be a little better....guess I'll be making lots of cards tomorrow!

Here is the sketch though! Should be fun!

Dh and I got to sneak out to lunch today!!! We went to our favorite place (of course)....BUT the neat thing is we got a special treat! Apparently there is a special holiday for Japan in Mid Sept called the 'Moon Festival' Where: Families unite to watch the full moon rise and to eat moon cakes. Couples enjoy evening romance under the light of the full moon.

Well....our guy that we love so much gave us a Moon Cake!!!! How different! But we are the kind of folks that love to try new things and learn at the same time! We feel so special when we go there....even the owner just laughs when he sees us with Ben....he comes over quite often even....I won't tell you what was in this particular 'Moon Cake' because some of you would just go ate that....but I will say in OUR opinion it is GOOD!

Here....check this out to read about the Moon Festival! VERY interesting!!!

Here is a picture of some 'Moon Pies' so neat that we not only eat at our favorite restaurant but that we always get a little bit of education when we go there!

So let me invite you to find YOUR favorite restaurant and not only EAT there but dig into the culture too!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday Sketch! least Amy and I are getting lots of cards made! And I'm loving them! Sure wish a few more of you guys that are 'peeking' in would join us! I've got a nice little pile going for the winner and there is STILL time!!!!

Woohooo! Got the Sept Card Kit for Queen Kat! Check out the goodies! Made 5 cards with it tonight and I have enough stuff to make at LEAST 10 more!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sunday's Sketch!

Woohooo! I had a great time this weekend!!! I did 7 layouts and 4 cards! Wooohooo! And that means I have samples for this sketch! Wooohooo!!

I just wish I the scan for the first one looked better! I LOVE these cards! Also...the 'enjoy' from the second card is a Target gift card! LOVE these things!

Sure wish a few more folks would play along....but that is okay....Amy and I are having a blast!


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