Thursday, March 13, 2008

Day after tomorrow!!!!

YIKES! We are almost there!

This year has been full of changes....shall I say I was a tad reluctant for those changes at first too...then I put my big girls on and went with it! And I will say that this is the first time that I'm not going like 90 to nothing a few days before we go! Tomorrow will be crazy, but that is okay!

So....we were ordered to 'disengage' and I took the time to scrap a few they are....

Monday, March 10, 2008

Simply Stunning!

Reva has a camera again!!! And the world knows it! And we are happy! HA!

So, she came up to church with Martina for Common Ground practice...they snuck over to the cross and took some pictures of her and John...I love this cross on our grounds and when I'm down I will go there often to was the first thing they placed on our campus before it was built a few years ago! Anyway....these pictures are simply stunning....I think she has a future....don't you??

Well...we have like 5 more days...YIKES! We leave Saturday for tour and I'm READY to go....still scared about Sunday am! PLEASE pray for good weather that day! And pray that God is with us and has us where HE would have us to go!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Scrappy day!

I love days like today! I started scrapping Friday night and ALL day today....I didn't even get out of my jammies today! Woohoo....and I completed 5 layouts and 6 cards! Some of the layouts are for is one of those and the best thing is it only took about 15 minutes to do this one....

Aren't they just the sweetest together! By the way...that is Martina and John! If you haven't heard he is her 'guy' and we are suspecting that they will be together forever! He sure loves her and she him and you can SEE the love!

I will scan the other layout I wanna show you guys tomorrow....let's just say it has my favorite scrapping subject in it! DH! I think it is just knowing that his health is going down hill that is making me want to scrap him so much!

I also did 6 cards but they will have to wait to be revealed until tomorrow (or Monday) too! And they hold a BIG surprise! I'm excited to show you all! to bed....BIG day tomorrow at church! The kids sing in all 3 services!


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