Monday, October 13, 2008

Week 5/52 ATC Challenge

New challenge time!

This our Life Deck....okay....52 weeks, or 52 years...whatever it takes we should create this....we should have something to look back on and remember these times...but yet know, that our BEST DAYS lie ahead of us...but it was the past that placed us on the roads we are on....and the 'Y's we face every day.....the curves we didn't see, the curves we did.....let's take the time to TRAVEL our road!! And travel it together! What a fun venture...are you ready????

So...we are moving on from the 'days' to a new little 'mini' series....and this one is called GIRLFRIEND!!!!

Even though there are MANY guys that make ATCs (and yes there are), this little 3 week series is all about being a GIRL!!!! (sorry guys...if there are any of you out there taking up my challenge you will just have to

So...this week...let's talk about ACCESSORIES!!!! Do you like them or do you hate them? Are you a purse about the you feel 'naked' without them...or are you a minimalist? Just enough to make you look put about lipstick, perfume, you own a scarf for every outfit? Or are scarves only for the winter coat?

Tell, me.....what kind of an accessory girl are YOU??

Here is mine....I really could care less about them....I always wear the same earrings in my top holes and often forget to put anything in the others....I can't STAND lipstick and shopping for purses are NOT my idea of are a necessary evil in my book....but hey....I'm not without my favorite stuff...I do love my rings and I love flip flops.....I guess you could say I'm a simple kind of girl!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


QKD has announced the overall winners for WCMD!

Here are the big winners of the weekend...

$25 Shopping spree: Amber Raston
Get Inked Kit: Melinda Rassmussen
Monster Set: Melissa Sackman

Please contact QKD at to claim your prize. All other prizes from the weekend were mailed today. Thank you for playing. Come and see us soon. We will be hosting a 1 day huge event on November 19th!!

Congrats ladies!


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