Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It Is Tuesday again!

Seems like that is my 'day' to update!

Anyway....just busy with wedding plans....there are some of the ladies at church that are having a BIG shower for Martina the first Sunday in August....it will be come and go type thing....I'm sure it will be GREAT!

Other than that, Noah got a HUGE present this weekend! He is in Florida with the family up the street! They asked for him to come with them...he is an attorney and it is for some convention thing they are having down there....lucky little boy! I've talked with him about 3 times every day....he is having a BLAST and they promised me lots of pictures.

Vince and I were chuckling about that last night...how the ONE person in our house that has the LEAST amount of stress is the ONE that gets to go on vacation! LOL...oh well...that is life and I'm really excited for him. This morning he said he was going to find us some shells today! Tee hee hee.....and of course they will be treasured shells!

I got all my C52 layouts done! YEA! Now the rest of the month is scrappin for me! Although with all of life I'm not getting as much done as I would like...but such is life....and that is what this is...LIFE!

Here are some C52 previews!

As always! Thanks for stopping by to peek and taking a glimps into the Diley Family!


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