Thursday, December 29, 2011

Diary of a Grandma

It has been a while....quite a while but that doesn't mean life has stopped...

It is time to bring some new perspective to this 'blog' thing....question is can I keep it up?  SURE I can!

With 2012 fast approaching it is time to gear up and bring more than just scrapbooking/stamping to this is time to keep up with family, with life, with weight loss journey, with GRAND CHILDREN!  Yes...we have even added a new member to our family!  I am now the grandma to Bailie (age 13) and Ian who was born 12/24/11. 

How about a few little is my sweet grand daughter:
At 13 she is going on 21, she is beautiful!

And here he is....Ian William, born 12/24/11 weighing in at 9lbs 4 oz and almost 21 inches long...

Not only is he here but I had the honor to be IN THE ROOM with mom and dad as he came into this world.  That alone was no small feat. Mom's labor wasn't the easiest, and believe it or not, even at 9lbs plus he was 3 weeks and 1 day early!  He currently is in the NICU but has already come far and hopefully will be home with mom and dad SOON!  Here are a few more pics of his little journey so far:
                                          Day 1 and 2, December 25, 26

                                          December 27
                                         Mom with Ian December 27

AND today he came off the heating blanket and now just to work his way off the oxygen!

My thoughts through all this are is worth it!  I am anxiously awaiting the day to hold him and coo properly over and with the sweet little one.  Hopefully you will soon see those pictures here, until then....just know that I LOVE being GRANDMA!


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