Saturday, December 29, 2007

Scrappin the New Year In!

Woohooo! I'm scrapping the new year in! (or should I say scrapping the old one out!) I'm READY for 2008!!! 2007 wasn't the easiest year....but then could have been WORSE so I'm not complaining!

Here are 2 layouts I got done today! Dh gave me the title for this first one! He is sooo good at that!

Here is some things I've been up to!

How about sharing a few things I've been up to...

Been making lots of cards with Queen Kat Designs Stamps! Here are several of a stamp that is coming out in Jan! Just a FEW days away!! You'll wanna get one as soon as they hit the store!

What have you been up to???

Friday, December 28, 2007

Look What's coming!!

On January 2, we will kick off the first QKD Round Robin Blog Party! It will all start on the main QKD Blog and then every few days we will "blog hop" to each of the Royal Court Members' blogs throughout the month. There's fun and prizes so mark your calendar. The party will begin here on Jan 2 and will end on Feb 6 @ Amy's Blog. See the full schedule below. Each of the Royal Court members has fun things planned for you.

Jan 2: QKD Blog
Jan 3-5: Penny
Jan 7-9: Vicki
Jan 10-12: Nina
Jan 14-16: Tanis
Jan 17-19: Nancy
Jan 21-23: Bev
Jan 24-26: Anam
Jan 28-30: Jules
Jan 31- Feb 2: Pooka
Feb 4-6: Amy

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Hope your day was filled with all that you dreampt of and MORE!

We had a great day! A bit of a 'scaled' down year for us but by the kids reactions you would NEVER know it! And that is what made it GREAT!

The biggest hit was one of Mason's gifts....he got very few 'gifts' under the tree because our gift to him was relieving him of some debts he had with us for his car (nicest present that anyone got! But hey...sometimes it just works that way) Of course mom couldn't let him go without ANYTHING under the a small boy....from about 3 until he was 5 ish he fell in LOVE with these little metal 'real' tools called "Cool Tools". He had everyone that they ever made (we think) and they were the highlight of his toys...played with them EVERY day...and one time even helped dad fix the car because of a Cool Tool! (none of dads tools were working! HA!) He had the whole get up....the tool box, the tool belt and even the work bench...they make them now but they are NOT metal any the 'real' has gone out of most families grow the toys are sold at the yearly yard sale or otherwise lost in the ages of growing up...well....Mom found a few of them on none other than 'Ebay' of the auctions I quickly was the BIG collection....BUT it went way over the price we could pay...BUT much to my surprise I won the other bid! Not quite as big...but still said the same wrapped it with sweet smiles on her face praying that it would hit the same spot with him as it did with us!

And sure enough....the second he saw what it was...tears poured out of this 18 year old young man....he held each tool with those eyes that brought him back to when he was a young sweet was the day!

So...I'll close for this beautiful Christmas Day and pray that yours held a moment that was so dear and sweet....

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cards.....out the wazu....

Is wazu a word anyway?? If it do you spell it???

My mom asked for some more home made cards this year as one of her gifts. She loves that kind of thing. (yea mom!) She requested lots of birthday ones so that is what I focused on. I picked lots of the ones I've already made and then I added these!

This one is my FAVORITE....but I had a problem...NO 6x6 envies! Luckily Jo is saving the day and she has some so is bringing me one to put with it!! YEA JO!

I love this last one too.....masculine.....and fun!

Next post is what I'm up to with the QK stamps!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Scrappin Friendsy Design Team Call

A Scrappin Friendsy is searching for two new design team members. Could you be one of them? Each member will serve a six-month term on ASF.

- Newsletter - One layout or project per month, and a write up of the project that includes products used.
- Newsletter - select “Hot Picks” layouts and provide RAK prizes once during your six month term.
- Challenge Rotation with other DT members: create and post one challenge every six weeks.
- Challenge Rotation with other DT members: during our challenge weekends, at least one challenge (these will happen every three months).

All projects completed for ASF will be yours to keep; however, you will need to scan and upload your projects to a private album in your gallery by the deadline prior to newsletter release. When you upload your project, you need to post your project into the correct newsletter thread. You also need to have a small paragraph write-up to go with your layout, written in third person. If you have a question ask...good grammar is not required. That’s why we have an editor! Be prepared to be a TEAM. Ideas are ALWAYS welcome. As a matter of fact, they are DESIRED.

You must have an active gallery at ASF. An active gallery is considered one that has projects other than DT assignments.

You must maintain an active presence on the ASF boards.

- While you are a member of the ASF Design Team, you will receive a 20% discount at the store (online or brick and mortar). If you order product and choose to have it shipped with your assignment products, postage will be paid! Also, if you know product has been added to the B&M store but you don't see it uploaded to the online store, you are welcome to call the store and place your order!
- You will receive products free of charge to complete your Design Team assignments.
- You will be given recognition for all projects that are uploaded to the Design Team gallery. You will also be featured on our Design Team website with a photo and small informational section about you.
- Your layouts/projects will be yours to keep.
- Design Team members will also have input in the assignments and running of our online community.

If you are interested, come join the A Scrappin Friendsy forum at Upload a layout that best shows your style to the ’08 Design Team Call gallery. Then answer the following questions and send them to the moderator at

All applications are due by January 10. The new DT members will be notified by January 14.

Username at ASF:
Other usernames:

1. Describe your scrapbooking style and list your favorite products and techniques.
2. Tell us a little about yourself (interests, family, favorites, etc.). We'd like to get to know you!
3. Please provide a link to the online gallery where you are most active. Please include your username at that site.
4. Are you currently, or have you in the past, served on another design team? If so, when and where?
5. What will you contribute to our DT and, more importantly, to our site and store?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

How about some look see!

It has been a CRAZY week! But I've FINALLY sat down and started to work on this month's Club 52 layouts! GET YOUR KITS NOW before they sell out because this one is SURE to be HOT HOT HOT! Check the sneak preview out HERE . You will also want to reserve your kits for 2008 NOW! (you can join any time but sure makes it great to start the new year out!) If you BRING a friend with you (you join and then she joins for a 12 month membership) we will give you ONE FREE KIT!

Without further are 2 of the layouts created from this month's kit!

Monday, December 10, 2007

RickRack Challenge!

Check this out taken from Caardvarks own site! (make sure you click on Caardvarks and upload THERE!!!! Not here!)

...Give a dog a, what else, handmade card! Show us what you can do with rickrack! Link us to your card in the comments section of this post by the end of the month. We'll load your cards into the RickRack Gallery along with the DT cards.

Are you into acrylic stamps? Who isn't, right? Do you *love* monthly kits? Well, check it --- Queen Kat Designs is the place to go. You'll find a boatload of very cool acrylic images, sets of coordinating stamps, stamping supplies, kits, grab bags, etc. Love that place. Enter a card into this challenge and you could win this awesome Ink It! kit featuring heat embossing, and seven acrylic stamps. You'll want to get your hands on this stamp set because our February event is all about LOVE and stamping. QKD will be back in February to sponsor a month-long XOXO challenge!

Lesson for all Hubbies out there....

Lesson 101 to all the HUBBIES out there...NEVER NEVER your wife on a Monday morning (well....right at noon) and tell her you are on the way home with a coworker to have lunch!!! Even if you are PICKING up the lunch!

Can we say, said wife was STILL in her jammies (Oh wait...they were at the store that is about 10 minutes down the road), had literally JUST shut the school books....had not taken a bath, had not put the first broom or vacuum to the floor...had not made sure the breakfast dishes were done...had just called for all the laundry in the house and btw...has just had TOM find her the day before!....KWIM?

But many hands made light work and said hubby understood that said wife would not appreciate said hubby showing said coworker through her house and said family (we) made it through!

Said wife did take two tylenol before said hubby and coworker came though...that helped....

Okay...back to my regularly scheduled life....and yes....said wife still loves said hubby very much! (and they still do crazy things like this after 23 would think they had learned that lesson somewhere before....)

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Anyone know how to clone?

HA! I'm not a fan of cloning but today I sure wish there was a way to make about 3 of me!

Lots going on in my world! Lots of NEAT stuff! First....check out where the QK's DT team was featured yesterday! Scrapscene

Lots of excitement brewing at Queen Kat Stamps! That is for sure! And working with the team has been awesome! honor of her and her wonderful are a few cards made using the December Card Kit! It is sold out (sorry) but they are all GREAT and you don't want to miss January's kit! SIGN UP NOW!

Stay tuned for more news!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

How Exciting is THIS!

Check this out! Taken directly from Caardvarks Blog:

"February will be fantastically delicious! We're teaming with an extra special sponsor for the entire month. All month long we will be focusing on LOVE. You'll find weekly challenges with a few twists as we celebrate a XOXO LOVEFEST with Queen Kat Design.

Speaking of Queen Kat Design...we'll wrap up 2007 with a QKD-sponsored challenge that will run from December 10th through the 31st. The winning entry will receive an Ink It! kit from QKD! So, check back in a few days for all the details!"

I am so honored to get to work directly with the gals at Caardvarks! Has always been one of my favorite blogs and NOW this! Woohooo....AND NOW I CAN SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD!

So....if you like INK and STAMPS join QKD and Caardvarks for an awesome challenge!

Did you hear the BIG NEWS???

Check THIS out!

Now you have the power of savings with Queen Kat Designs Kits!! You can get both of our fabulous monthly kits for one low price! You can choose from 6"X6" card makers kits and 12"X12" scrapbooking kits.... and then combine that with a Get Inked! kit and you'll have everything you need for a month of stamping fun!

Buy a 12 month subscription to BOTH kits and you'll have 3 stamp sets in your mail box each month. You'll receive 1 set with your paper kit, 1 set with your Get Inked! kit and 1 stamp set for FREE for subscribing to a 12 month subscription! How fun is that?

Rush over to the store now! There is only 1 of the Get Inked! kits left for January. So you only have 1 more chance to bundle and save. We do have plenty of January kits to go around. Stop by and save big, now!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Have you seen it???

The Queen Kat Newsletter? December's news is out and it is a wonderful newsletter! Full of info, sketches, and how to's! Make sure you check it out!!!

How about A Scrappin Friendsy's latest newsletter?? It is packed with some awesome Christmas ideas for both in your scrapbooks and out! Make sure you check BOTH of them out!

Also....there is a buzz at QK about a new kit and type of kit on the horizon! I'll fill ya in more on that in the next few days but let's just say it is AWESOME!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Time for a little change!

Do you like my new header? I do! My wonderful hubby...and to make it better REVA took this picture! She is really becoming a wonderful photographer!

So....guess who went back to work yesterday! HOOORAAAHHHH! Just hope he doesn't do more damage to the foot than keep praying for the guy.

No Christmas tree up yet, but then again Thanksgiving was early this year. Maybe we can get the tree Sunday. haven't checked out the weather to see if it will be nice or not, but Sunday is like the only day we could go get it as a family.

I did a little scrapping this last weekend....yea! That is always a FUN thing...and did one layout that I LOVE! Another one of Reva's pictures of dh and I....tell me what you think?

I also got the December kit from QK and did a few cards from it! Make sure you check out those card kits! They ROCK! And you need to order JANUARY's NOW!!! Before they run out of them!

And while you are there, make sure you check out the December releases of her stamp sets! Woohooo!

AND after you shop there...hop over to Ascrappingfriendsy and get on the LIST for Club 52 for 2008! It promises to be an AWESOME year with add ons to the kit that will be optional, but limited and first come first serve! I'm off to upload the new stuff...make sure you check them all out...and if you wanna see all the stuff I've done lately, check out my gallery at A Scrappin Friendsy I go by the user name of Jules!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Man...I'm getting OLD!

I check this blog out almost every day and think to myself....'self....go post on your blog'....then I say 'okay....I'll do that in a minute'....and guess what....I loose the minute!

What is happening...hmmm....just been taking care of dh. He is going BACK to work on Monday! BUT keep him in your prayers...that foot is FAR from still just doesn't look good...dr started him back on antibiotics today. Hopefully that will help. It doesn't seem as swollen but it is really red....but at this point, he is up on it just about as much as he would be at work so might as well let him go back. He also got fitted for his shoes today. So I'm just going to trust in God and let HIM do the rest....nothing else I can do!

Did 5 loads of laundry yesterday....and 5 today...but the LAST one is in the dryer...can you hear it? YEA!

The kiddos came down this last weekend for Thanksgiving. So that means that this Thursday will be quiet and simple. I can handle that!

And of course I'm saving the best for last...another reason I'm GETTING OLD! Mason turns 18 in about 12 hours...sigh....that sweet little red head boy will no longer be a 'boy' but a MAN! We have something up our sleeves to give him for his birthday and I think he will be floored....can't wait until tomorrow night to see his face....I'll share pics hopefully!

Until then I'll leave ya with a few things I've managed to do over the last few weeks....oh...and make sure you check out the latest layouts from C52 AND cards from QK!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Tell Me November will be good!!!

Are there times you just hope for a better day....better month....better year? Well, I'll take it day by day but sure hope that November will be better than October! Can you believe hubby has been off work now for 4 weeks....sigh....he is soooooo antsy.....

We are going to the Dr tomorrow, well the 'lower extremities practitioner'. She is the one that was taking care of his toe...she came to see us while we were in the hospital and wants us to keep seeing her. She was initially (when we moved to MS!) Vince's general practitioner... so she has followed him for 9 years now...hopefully she will say it looks great to her. Then we see the dr that did the surgery next Thursday....for now he is 'supposed' to be NON weight bearing....ask me how THAT is going!!!

Anyway...just wanted to post for the new month! Here is to a GREAT November!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Home again...

We are was successful! He felt great and did great! We got home this morning. I will say though, that through the day he went down hill....I think he is getting a bad cold...bless his heart....I hope that is all it is....

We did have an AWESOME thing happen today though! We got our car! We were sooooo blessed from the Teal Family at our church to GIVE us a car! It is amazing what God will do when you stand back and LET Him! It is a 1995 Buick Park Avenue! Now Vince and I have 'matching' cars! HA! It is more than I could have ever imagined! I drove it twice tonight! Need to get all the info on getting it tagged and get insurance on it! And hopefully tomorrow we can give the Tarus back! (which was a HUGE blessing too!!)

So....along with the yuck this week was lots of praises! And even for the 'yuck' we are PRAISING HIM!

Here are a few pics of the car!

Well...we did our family movie...although our 'family' is getting smaller for this still was fun! Now I'm I'm going to go try to get some sleep!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Verdict is in... of you that don't know we took dh to the Dr yesterday because of that pinky toe just not healing like it should. It started to look worse in a weird way since Monday. So...we went a day early to the dr and she set us up a consult with the vascular department. And they agree, we are going to have it amputated on Monday afternoon.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers throughout the weekend. I know we serve an AWESOME God and He is still able to heal the point that we go in there on Monday and they look at us like we are crazy to get it amputated....but we also serve a God that will bring us through this if that is the best decision!

So...that is my story and I'm sticking with it. I did scrap a layout this week....needed that table for therapy! Here is my creation for the Scrapdragon challenge this week!

I also did this layout for Tally Survivor....didn't win anything this week but I'm pleased with the message behind the layout!

I'll try to write a little more is Friday after all!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Wow....12 days!!!! has been 12 days since I updated! How can it be?

Bet you could answer that just like me!

We saw some old friends (well, they aren't old, they are just friends we have known for more than a year....HA) . We had dinner with them as they were on their way through MS from Texas and headed to FL for a much needed and well deserved vacation! Diane and James, hope your trip went wonderful and it was great to see you guys! Next time it is OUR turn to head your way!

Saturday I paced the floor....dh had a bad ear infection and he kept complaining about his left arm hurting. Durn where is the blood pressure cuff when you WANT it????? I could not find it for the life of me and he would not go to the dr....typical though isn't it?

I went to WalMart and got some sweet oil and did one of my mom's remedies! I remember when I was little and had an ear ache, she would heat some of that up and drop it in my I did that for helped! Sunday after he woke up (he slept until 11:00) he felt better!
He says it is still tender but much better than it was. Guess it was the pain from that that caused everything else to hurt! Bless his heart...but sure kept me on my toes all weekend....

Also I did NOT like how his toe looked on Friday and Saturday...but yesterday and today I think it is looking better. I see the thing every day and sometimes I just can't tell if it is better or not...

I did get to scrap a little...that felt good! And today I did a layout for Tally Survivor that I would have NEVER done if I were not given the challenge! It was to use black cardstock as the background and NO patterned paper! So....I pulled rubons out....all sorts of them....and found the picture of Reva...she being the 'artsy' girl I knew it would be fun to be 'artsy' on a layout with her picture! So I just started to play....and here is the result:

What cha think???? I'm thinking I could do this again! HA! Really different for me but sure was fun! it is Monday night....dh is watching baseball....and the light is still on in my scrappin room....think I might go back in there!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Well...can you tell it kind of fell apart? I'm sending Amy the goodies I have for the card challenge! I feel bad that I didn't follow through any more....but life has its way of getting IN the way!

Will share the story of our anniversary weekend in the next REALLY was a good thing! But right now if you are reading this I would like to ask you to pray for my wonderful hubby....several weeks ago we got him new shoes...this is the FIRST time since his prosthetic he got some.....he had a pair of steel toe shoes that looked like tennis shoes that just lasted....

So....we go shopping...found him two pair, good pair mind you....NOTHING cheap! Well...about a week after wearing one of them I noticed a blister on his little toe...uht oh....NOT a good thing for a diabetic at's switch to the other pair.....just made it WORSE....he had a Dr's appointment and was smart enough to show they take him to the foot care specialist.....she fusses and gives him meds....sends him home.....well.....she also gave him this silly shoe and said when it heals they would get him diabetic shoes....well...this silly shoe just made matters was not supportive at all and he started walking on the side of his foot...the side where the little toe is....and you guessed became WORSE...much worse....went to the Dr Monday and she called in the actual dr (nurse practitioner is who he was seeing)....she ordered blood work....and litterally scalped his toe....he has no skin on it....and they found a blister on his heal....she also scalped that....and ordered him to STAY OFF HIS FOOT or he would loose the whole thing! Came home on double antibiotics only because his blood count was at 16 and they won't admit until it is at 18....

So....we are doing all we can, but mostly praying!!! He goes back Friday to evaluate if they will admit him and take the toe on Monday....we COVET prayers.....

Some of the Elders in our church are coming over tonight to anoint him and pray over him.....we covet all prayers! STORM THE GATES!!!!!

So...needless to say....the card challenge was left in the dust....Amy about to get a nice little goodie box from me!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

What is a girl to do?

I'm thinking.....yes....I have some more BH sketches that we can use and I'm gonna post them...but I think I'm going to finish posting them all this weekend....that way if anyone wants to sit down to do them ALL and have a HUGE card making feast they can....I think also if I do this challenge again that I'm only going to post a couple of sketches a week....don't think I've ever made so many cards in one month! HA!

Here is one more sketch and hopefully Saturday I can sit down and just post the rest of them.....I WILL make cards with ALL of these sketches....right now it looks like Amy is going to take it away with this stack of goodies...but there is STILL time!!!!! BEYOND the sketches is CRAZY! This week there just aren't enough hours in a day....But who am I to complain!!! I am blessed beyond measure and I owe all of it to an AWESOME God!

It looks like we have finally settled on the car....hopefully will have a check here in a week or when it comes to the pain and suffering part, who knows how long that will take....need to make sure our attorney has ALL the bills....

Next weekend Vince and celebrate 20 years!!! Wow....where has the time gone?? Think I need to do a whole post dedicated to my wonderful hubby....and the 20 phenomenal years we have had together! Guess right now though, I'll close.....

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Where did Monday go???

Oh man....where did Monday go??? I was non stop go and didn't even get to come ON here much less post the sketch! So sorry guys!

Apparently AT&T decided to upgrade their email server and in doing so lost the email list for our ASF Newsletter! So.....that meant I had to manually (luckily it was copy/paste) almost 600 names into the new one! Oh it done though, so that is a good thing and now it will be a tad easier to manage!

Guess I need to post the sketch huh?

This one is going to take a little creative thinking! is the CURRENT sketch! So....why not submit it after you create it!?!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday...1/2 way through Sept!

Where is this month going??? I'm sitting here covered in fire ant bites...YUCK....we did some yard work on Friday and then later today we will be finishing up the back yard. At least my yard will look nice right?

I actually sat down at my table tonight and made 6 cards! YIPPIE! So....along with the sketch this time I HAVE the samples. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can get a few more made tomorrow...I'd also like to do a layout! HA! Need to do one more DT project for the end of the month AND 4 more to meet my goal. I've blown my card making goal out of the water this year...

Anyway...without further is the next sketch

And here are the examples!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


AAKK!!! I'm getting behind!!! Just haven't had a chance to SIT down to create this week....BUT after today it should be a little better....guess I'll be making lots of cards tomorrow!

Here is the sketch though! Should be fun!

Dh and I got to sneak out to lunch today!!! We went to our favorite place (of course)....BUT the neat thing is we got a special treat! Apparently there is a special holiday for Japan in Mid Sept called the 'Moon Festival' Where: Families unite to watch the full moon rise and to eat moon cakes. Couples enjoy evening romance under the light of the full moon.

Well....our guy that we love so much gave us a Moon Cake!!!! How different! But we are the kind of folks that love to try new things and learn at the same time! We feel so special when we go there....even the owner just laughs when he sees us with Ben....he comes over quite often even....I won't tell you what was in this particular 'Moon Cake' because some of you would just go ate that....but I will say in OUR opinion it is GOOD!

Here....check this out to read about the Moon Festival! VERY interesting!!!

Here is a picture of some 'Moon Pies' so neat that we not only eat at our favorite restaurant but that we always get a little bit of education when we go there!

So let me invite you to find YOUR favorite restaurant and not only EAT there but dig into the culture too!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday Sketch! least Amy and I are getting lots of cards made! And I'm loving them! Sure wish a few more of you guys that are 'peeking' in would join us! I've got a nice little pile going for the winner and there is STILL time!!!!

Woohooo! Got the Sept Card Kit for Queen Kat! Check out the goodies! Made 5 cards with it tonight and I have enough stuff to make at LEAST 10 more!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sunday's Sketch!

Woohooo! I had a great time this weekend!!! I did 7 layouts and 4 cards! Wooohooo! And that means I have samples for this sketch! Wooohooo!!

I just wish I the scan for the first one looked better! I LOVE these cards! Also...the 'enjoy' from the second card is a Target gift card! LOVE these things!

Sure wish a few more folks would play along....but that is okay....Amy and I are having a blast!

Friday, September 07, 2007

4th sketch!

So like Amy said...WHERE ARE YOU ALL??? I know you are LOOKING because I see the counter showing there are folks visiting.....come on! Easy challanges here and some great loot to be won! So far there are a few stamp sets in there some chipboard and tomorrow I'm headed to the store to add to it!

Here is the next sketch! Also....please note....Sunday's sketch will probably not be posted until Sunday afternoon! Since I'm gone until Sat night and NO sleep I'm sure I won't get near the computer until Sunday afternoon! But one of my GOALS this weekend is to finish all the samples for these challenge this weekend! Woohooo!

Here are my examples! Can't wait to see what ya come up with! Have fun!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

3rd sketch! it is...the third sketch! And the good news is I've even picked the fourth...but you don't get it yet.....BUT hopefully I'll have examples BEFORE I post them! At least that is my here is the 3rd sketch....and I'll have samples soon!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Second Sketch!

Woohooo! Got some entries! I put up the slide show and will add all cards (unless you say I can't). Here is the second sketch! What cha gonna do with this one??? It is from her first book of sketches!
Here are the examples!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

National Stamping Month!!!

Woohooo! It is NATIONAL stamping month! And I wanna celebrate! I had a BIG idea today when I was going through my new CK Mag....saw how someone now is always doing a card with Becky's sketches! Thought to myself...pretty fun idea! Why not go back to some of her older sketches and see what we could come up with... is the deal! Every other day I'm gonna post one of Becky's older sketches
(clicking on that will take you to her site with all the sketches!) and I CHALLENGE YOU to create a card (or two) from her sketches! For everyone that you send a link to I'll put your name in the hat for a drawing of a NICE prize package! It will be at LEAST valued at $25 and will include everything from paper to stamps!!! So...what are you waiting for! Also...if it is okay that I snag your creations I'll put them all in a slide show to share on here!

Here is the first sketch! Feel free to us EITHER side of this one! (or do a card for both!)

It is from June 2006

Here are some examples to get the juices flowing!

OOOOHHH....and if you want MORE chances to win...BRING a friend or two or three along! For every friend that you bring to play I'll give you 5 more chances! Just make sure that YOU BOTH mention that you brought them here!


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