Friday, December 26, 2008

Check it out.....


Now through Dec 31!

Whhhooo....I'm tired....

Are you? We hit the after Christmas decoration sales today...all I gotta say is that the village next year will be WOW!!! I can't wait to see it alllll together! I think I got about 4 more bigger pieces and 4 smaller and several bitty....

We did some exchanging....and then we tried to go back to EB Games....can you say CROWDED!!!!! Oh my! So we decided that we should go back tomorrow morning....most of the folks will go in the if we try morning hopefully the line won't be huge!

Need to run to HL also and Adison has one more place on his list. THEN the fun begins....I get to move my scrappin/stampin stuff UPSTAIRS! Can you say EXCITED!!! I just don't know what I have to actually scrap on....I think we need to run to the thrift stores or something...hmmmm.....I know this will be an adventure and I'm super excited....maybe in a few weeks I'll get to post some pics! Or maybe I'll do a slow progression of pictures....hmmmm.....

How about a few pics from the 'festivities'....they brighten my day!
Lydia having fun with John's Nerf gun....

Everyone rocking out with Rock Band....even I played! I got 100% on Roxanne...ha!

Okay, so Reva STRATIGICALLY placed all the really isn't that much! She just made it LOOK big!

Of course we went looking at lights on Christmas Eve! That is a HUGE tradition for us! So fun....this was really the only fun house we saw this year though....

And last but NOT least....Reva got this WONDERFUL shot of them all on our way to the Christmas Eve service! Adison even wore a suit! LOL.....while we were driving looking at lights he ate a donut...and his statement was 'I'm eating a donut in a business suit, I am important!' What a hoot that kid is!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I know I love them....just wanted to share that Scrapbook Heaven is having a 30% off EVERYTHING in the store!! Just use the coupon code: christmas when you check out!!! And she has some AWESOME stuff in there! Make sure you check it out! Tell them Jules sent ya!

Are you ready for the big day??? We are! I have like 4 gifts to wrap and I might just NOT wrap them! HA!

We have all the food and tomorrow will be the big 'cooking' day and then the fun!


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