Saturday, June 13, 2009

It is SUMMER!!!

And if where you live is like where I live it is SUMMER there too!

YUCK...HOT.....I mean, this morning at 10 it was already 85....eeewww....and by the looks of the week it is going to be mid 90's for a while (don't wanna know heat indexes....eeewwww).

So, how about a little LEMONADE! Oh yea... How about some nice coooool lemonade!


Okay, so I don't have the real stuff I can give you, but at least you can THINK it with this card! LOL....I used one of the newest release stamps from Queen Kat Designs.... The Beach Essentials Stamp Set. I'd love to be sitting on the beach, soaking up some sun, and then walk into my BEACH HOUSE and stamp for a while, then back out to the beach...doesn't that sound like fun???

Wanna join me???


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