Sunday, September 07, 2014

It Has Been a While

Happy Sunday!

I think I accomplished something I wanted to do for a LONG time and that is to make a header for my blog!  Check it out!  I did that all by my self....well...I used Pic Monkey photo editor to help.  I really had fun and will be using that photo editing often for my photos.  Super simple and straight forward.

THEN I actually did a layout that is for a challenge!  From the blog called Scrap Our Stash, their September challenge, Back to School.  I haven't done something like this in a long time.  I sure hope I remember how to do all the linking and what not.  Anyway, the challenge was to use:

(1) or more items from list A: 
Lined or ruled paper (striped paper does not count)
Chalkboard paper
Dictionary paper or a page from a book

(3) or more items from list B:
File Folder
Library Pocket and/or card
Pencil or pen
Paper Clip
Chalkboard embellishment

Here is my layout:

Obviously from the (1) I used the lined paper, then from (2) I used the ruler, alphas and then I had these little chalkboards that I wrote the word 'play' on.

My wonderful hubby loves to play cars with our sweet grandson, Ian.  And he always says 'Pop pop, play caaaarrrs' (wish you could hear how he says it!).  Hubby teaches him the true play of imagination....along with sound effects (tink tink tink, bang bang bang when they are fixing the cars and they love to pretend they are going to WalMart in Mommie's car to get bug juice!  The remote is WalMart and he has a little white car that is like mommies....they have tunnels made from cut out plastic jars and everything!  Of course I had to document this memory!

Thanks for looking and have a great Sunday.


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