Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Sweet as Sugar & Cute as Candy

Our Weekly Design Team Dare at ASF this week comes from Wanda................

Here's my dare to you. Make a project that is sweet as sugar & cute as candy. I bought this candy simply because the colors are awesome. I don't even eat it. And check out how Kim's ribbons match my candy! Make a project using this picture as your inspiration:
Come check out this, plus all our other cool challenges at the ASF Blog:

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Can't I get on here more regularly??? I guess because no one else reads this much....oh least I have a record!

Any surprise that we had to do MORE car repairs?? This time on dh's car....and she had to have new tires...ouch....hopefully though, that will take us another 2.5 years! And his a/c works GREAT now...brrrrr.....and after the cost of our electric bill and the cost of the car repairs we MIGHT be sleeping in the car! least there we would have cold air! is a NEW month....and HE knows everything, so I think I will let HIM handle it all...too big for me!

We are getting stuff done for the wedding...dress is IN THE HOUSE (well, at the cleaners) and after it is cleaned it will STILL be UNDER $100!!! Wooohooooo! That is a HUGE praise! I'm going to start printing the invites today....need to get a fresh printer ink thing....they really won't take long...the envelopes will be here Thursday so they can start getting them addressed....if I have the fronts done and them addressed it will just be a matter of getting the cardstock and cutting them for the back...SUPER easy! After that I don't have a whole lot that I'll have to do...just make sure she is getting everything...and find my dress....

I have managed to hide in my scrappin room some...YEA...that ALWAYS helps!

Here are a few of my latest creations...


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