Saturday, October 04, 2008

WCMD....more! far I've made 6 more cards...and am retiring... have to show them

This one is for the FALL COLORS challenge.....

And this one is for the Cupcake challenge.....

Made another one! This one is for a sketch challenge HERE....

This card and tag were for THIS challenge... I really like how they turned out! used some stamps from a past QKD Card Kit! LOVED this kit!

And this one more.... it is a MINI card....I LOVE it, and I do have to say that I lifted the idea from a card I saw in a recent Card's Mag... and it was for this challenge (Birthday Card) Okay....That is about it for me for cards....I did make one more, but I can't show it is for a newsletter! I can say I had a blast and thanks for all the wonderful challenges!


I FINALLY get to post my challenge! LOL....

I have developed a new love for my scissors....I miss my REAL pair of stork scissors that my hubby bought for me about 20 years ago....about 10 years ago I lost them....I miss those things...maybe that is what I'll ask for for Christmas this year....BUT there are several scissors out there that will do the same thing and I BET you have a pair! You will need them for this challenge because you have to CUT IT OUT!!!

What you need to do is stamp your stamp image and cut it out to put it on your card! It is like making your own embellishments....I love to do this with patterned paper but it is even MORE fun with stamps!

FUN challenge! And think of what you can win!!! There are some AWESOME prizes up for grabs!!! Check them out HERE and HERE!!!!

Here are my examples! Both of them use some QKD this coffee mug!!!

And this butterfly one!

So...make sure you post a link on my blog to your can upload it to any gallery, but here are a few of my favorites..... HERE and HERE....

MOST of all, HAVE FUN!

Friday, October 03, 2008

I'm ready...are YOU????

I've got my personal prize for my challenge tomorrow for WCMD!!!

AND besides this you will have a chance for the BIG prizes:

Grand Prize: $25 shopping spree @ Queen Kat Designs
1st Runner Up: 1 Get Inked! Kit (Month TBD)
2nd Runner Up: 1 Set of monster stamps (Diva, Buddy, Ms. Piggie and Joe)

PLUS....DON'T forget to check in at Just Johanna's Odd Bird Planet for even MORE prizes!!!

This is gonna be one GREAT day!

I've got my challenge allll ready and I'm REALLY excited about it!

See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Check this out!!!

World Card Making Day

Wow! It's OCTOBER already... Don't get me wrong I can't wait for this year to be over with!!!! I'm SOOOO done with 2008 it's not even funny. Anyhow..... I'm excited to tell you that Queen Kat Designs has teamed up with Just Johanna's Odd Bird Planet to bring you a day full of challenges and lots of prizes!! You soooo don't want to miss out on this baby!

Where? Here!
When? October 4, 2008 (Saturday)
Time? Beginning at 6AM Pacific Standard Time

What? A ton of fun! We have been planning challenges for you like you would not believe. The Royal court has a day of fun planned. And together with Just Johanna it's going to be a total blast.

Here's the QKD Royal Court Schedule: (all times are set by PST)
• 6:00 am – 9:00 am-Heather
• 9:00 am – 12:00 pm - Penny
• 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm -QKD Blog
• 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm -Jules
• 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm -Vicki
• 9:00 pm – 12:00 am-Tanis
Since I just announced the new court today if some of the newbies want to host a challenge, I may add them to the list. Here's a list of prizes for the contests...

Grand Prize: $25 shopping spree @ Queen Kat Designs
1st Runner Up: 1 Get Inked! Kit (Month TBD)
2nd Runner Up: 1 Set of monster stamps (Diva, Buddy, Ms. Piggie and Joe)

All blog challenges will have 1 winner who will receive 1 stamp set from the store. These will be random stamp sets from our stock.

Stay tuned for more info! And get ready for a marathon day of challenges and fun!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

21 years ago today.....

Was the first of my best days....they have gotten better since but this was the beginning....the start....the day my wonderful dh and I were married!

This year we had a sweet weekend. My boys had to head to Arkansas to switch out cars with Reva...(that is another WHOLE subject for another day) and then Martina came and got the youngest two so dh and I had the house to ourselves! Wooohooo!

We went to the movies on Sat...YOU HAVE TO GO SEE FIREPROOF!!!!! It is a MUST SEE movie for everyone, but bring the kleenex! Wow....then went to eat....yum....Ben is back and he even brought me a little gift from China Town in New York. I didn't think we would ever see him again but he told us he really loves Mississippi! LOL....

Anyway...after that we went to Borders....ahhhhh time....then came home and ended up falling asleep! HA....

Got up this am and went to have breakfast and then headed to Mynell is the midst of chaos and a place that you are almost concerned for your life is this several acre botanical gardens....we spent about 3 hours there...walking and talking...sitting and swinging....feeding the fish...marveling at the wonders of creation.....then we came home....

Simply sweet....simply us.....

Week 3/52 ATC Challenge

This our Life Deck....okay....52 weeks, or 52 years...whatever it takes we should create this....we should have something to look back on and remember these times...but yet know, that our BEST DAYS lie ahead of us...but it was the past that placed us on the roads we are on....and the 'Y's we face every day.....the curves we didn't see, the curves we did.....let's take the time to TRAVEL our road!! And travel it together! What a fun venture...are you ready????

So....for this first group of '3'...we will be looking at the days.....the first week we looked at Today .... last week we thought about Tomorrow...and of course, we can't leave out YESTERDAY

That is where I want you to go now....could it be just yesterday (the day before this one!) that you want to remember something could be that Yesterday be a time in your life that was special,fun or even hard that you have been able to overcome! We don't want to spend a LOT of time dwelling on yesterday, and remember that our BEST DAYS lie ahead of us BUT it was yesterday that we had to go through before we got to this week.....share about YOUR YESTERDAY!

I had it easy....I got to think about 21 yesteryears ago today!!! Here is mine for this week! Get ready! The next 3 weeks we will take a total different turn.....and get a little FESTIVE!


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