Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Scream and SCREAM LOUD!

All month long, Queen Kat Designs and the Royal Court is having a contest! Do you want to win?? Then here's what to do:

1. Take this blinkie and place it on your blog with a note about the contest.

This blinkie contains a secret code to give shoppers 10% off in the Queen Kat Designs store: Make sure you link the blinkie to that site. Then leave a comment on THIS post that you have posted the blinkie and your name will be entered into a drawing for a stamping prize on April 1... What's the prize?? It's a secret.. And here the secret... The bigger and better and more names we have entered in the drawing the bigger the prize will get. So, SCREAM IT! Tell everyone you know about the sale at Queen Kat Designs and all the fun stamps we have!

2. There's another way to get an extra entry in the drawing...

Take this blinkie, link it to and place it on your blog and anywhere else you can think of. Make sure to comment to THIS thread that you have posted it and link us to your blog so we can confirm your entry.

3. Want another chance to win? Place an order over $10 (store minimum) at the Queen Kat Designs Store. We will automatically place your name in the drawing.

Monday, March 03, 2008

11 Days!

Wow...only 11 more days until we leave for tour! YIKES! I've been non stop with all the lists/tshirts and fun that that involves....I did manage to get ONE layout done on Friday...don't know how but I did! HA! I have to do a C52 one this week sometime.....

I am alive though....and I serve a GOD who is awesome and ALWAYS under control!


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