Saturday, January 31, 2009


Wow....what a movie! Dh took Lydia and me to see a movie today....

Actually, I invaded on a date he had with wanted him to take her to see Taken...OH MY HEAVENS.....all I gotta say, is make sure you go to see this movie WELLLLLLL rested! You will be exhausted after it is over! I sat at the edge of my see the whole time. And I will NEVER let my daughter travel anywhere without her dad! LOL!

Anyway...we are home and I'm just chillin, trying to find some mojo...if anyone has any send it my way would ya!?

In the mean time, I did have a little last week and here are a few of my creations from that...
This one I did for part of the ASF Weekly Dare...a layout about ourselves...I did this to remind me to be still...that is soooo hard!

This one has some pictures that Reva took around Grandma's house...all of these items hold a special place in my childhood memories!

Thanks for stopping in....and if you know where I can find my mojo, tell me please!

Monday, January 26, 2009


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