Wednesday, May 07, 2008

So it's been a few days.....

Yea, sometimes I get side tracked!

Life continues and seems to be okay. Normal issues with kids....loads of laundry....and constant picking up, but that is LIFE right!?

NSD weekend was nice. Went to ASF to crop from Friday morning through Sat afternoon! I did 8 layouts and 3 cards. Pretty good for me....I'll share a few of the layouts here in a second.

This weekend is the wedding. I just don't like I weird? I think it is all the hoopla that goes behind it that I just don't like. I see all that $ going into something that is called a 'drain' to me! HA....just think....if everyone would give the couple the same amount of $ that you spend getting ready for the wedding (new clothes, gifts, travel...etc) they could start their lives off with a nice hefty 'jump' in the budget! HA! BUT I do understand the 'elegance' of the is fun to live like a princess, if just for a few hours! So I will go....I will smile and enjoy the day....I will....and to top it off...I do get to be with my MOMMIE for mother's day! THAT alone can be a good thing!

Are any of you doing anything special for your mom??? Think anyone will do something special for YOU???

Here are a few of my favorite layouts from this weekend...and my favorite card!


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