Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Man...I'm getting OLD!

I check this blog out almost every day and think to myself....'self....go post on your blog'....then I say 'okay....I'll do that in a minute'....and guess what....I loose the minute!

What is happening...hmmm....just been taking care of dh. He is going BACK to work on Monday! BUT keep him in your prayers...that foot is FAR from healed...it still just doesn't look good...dr started him back on antibiotics today. Hopefully that will help. It doesn't seem as swollen but it is really red....but at this point, he is up on it just about as much as he would be at work so might as well let him go back. He also got fitted for his shoes today. So I'm just going to trust in God and let HIM do the rest....nothing else I can do!

Did 5 loads of laundry yesterday....and 5 today...but the LAST one is in the dryer...can you hear it? YEA!

The kiddos came down this last weekend for Thanksgiving. So that means that this Thursday will be quiet and simple. I can handle that!

And of course I'm saving the best for last...another reason I'm GETTING OLD! Mason turns 18 in about 12 hours...sigh....that sweet little red head boy will no longer be a 'boy' but a MAN! We have something up our sleeves to give him for his birthday and I think he will be floored....can't wait until tomorrow night to see his face....I'll share pics hopefully!

Until then I'll leave ya with a few things I've managed to do over the last few weeks....oh...and make sure you check out the latest layouts from C52 AND cards from QK!


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