Friday, July 11, 2008

Aaahhh...Adult time!

Dh and I got in the pool this afternoon when he got home from work! That was a sweet hour....Here he is being silly.... gotta love him! He loves getting in after
a long day. We just relaxed and floated around and chatted
about our future...those are sweet times and sweet
conversations....that was when I had to have the camera...
So....very carefully I took a few digis in the pool! Here is
another one...I don't like the pic of me but is me...and yes...I wear my glasses in the pool. I had to vac it first and needed to see the bottom!

So...what is up in your neck of the woods?

Did you hear that Jo UPDATED her blog! You gotta check it out, especially her ribbon storage solution! It is GREAT!

We are finishing up the wedding invites this weekend! YEA....and I have some cards that I have to make for the lady down the street...and C52 layouts that have to be done before next Friday! Just one done so hopefully tomorrow that will be on my list of fun things to do!

Hope you have a great fun weekend!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits....

Hey! It is TUESDAY already! And over 1/4 of July is time moving faster these days...they always said it seemed that way when you got older, and I'm beginning to believe them!

I don't have anything on the plate for today! Need to do some chalking on the invites....have almost 1/2 of the ribbons tied and cut...YEA....oh...I need to see if the Rusty Pickle paper is in at ASF for C52 this month....shhhh....don't tell anyone....HA!

How about a layout I did
with one of the pictures
Reva took of Vince and I.
Can I say I wanna just
scrap them all over and

I have another layout done, just need to take a pic of it...
I played with rubons with it!

I'll leave it there for now....check back later....


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