Monday, October 15, 2007

Wow....12 days!!!! has been 12 days since I updated! How can it be?

Bet you could answer that just like me!

We saw some old friends (well, they aren't old, they are just friends we have known for more than a year....HA) . We had dinner with them as they were on their way through MS from Texas and headed to FL for a much needed and well deserved vacation! Diane and James, hope your trip went wonderful and it was great to see you guys! Next time it is OUR turn to head your way!

Saturday I paced the floor....dh had a bad ear infection and he kept complaining about his left arm hurting. Durn where is the blood pressure cuff when you WANT it????? I could not find it for the life of me and he would not go to the dr....typical though isn't it?

I went to WalMart and got some sweet oil and did one of my mom's remedies! I remember when I was little and had an ear ache, she would heat some of that up and drop it in my I did that for helped! Sunday after he woke up (he slept until 11:00) he felt better!
He says it is still tender but much better than it was. Guess it was the pain from that that caused everything else to hurt! Bless his heart...but sure kept me on my toes all weekend....

Also I did NOT like how his toe looked on Friday and Saturday...but yesterday and today I think it is looking better. I see the thing every day and sometimes I just can't tell if it is better or not...

I did get to scrap a little...that felt good! And today I did a layout for Tally Survivor that I would have NEVER done if I were not given the challenge! It was to use black cardstock as the background and NO patterned paper! So....I pulled rubons out....all sorts of them....and found the picture of Reva...she being the 'artsy' girl I knew it would be fun to be 'artsy' on a layout with her picture! So I just started to play....and here is the result:

What cha think???? I'm thinking I could do this again! HA! Really different for me but sure was fun! it is Monday night....dh is watching baseball....and the light is still on in my scrappin room....think I might go back in there!


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