Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Anyone have some???

Busy is the word for me the last few weeks....had lots of WW meetings to do and then it was VBS week. I didn't help in VBS but getting the kids to and fro and filling it all in with 'life'.....

THEN we are trying to finalize some wedding stuff....I've designed the invites! YEA....very simple...we are making headway on the 'decorating' part....Reva will test the lighting this Thursday evening to 'set' the time (need to see the best photo op for sunset!) So at least there is some progress going on there.

OH and the BIG news, we ARE getting the dress!!! And you wouldn't BELIEVE what God did on the $....we got the dress on ebay, right....about 10 days later the girl said that it had a stain on it and a small rip and she couldn't sell it to me like that....well....I emailed her asking where and how bad was the 'rip' and could the stain be cleaned out? I hadn't heard from her for a few days...then finally she responded...YES the stain could easily be cleaned out...and the rip is only about a 3" rip on the train....we are THINKING it is something that can be fixed or 'disguised'....BUT here is the BIGGEST BEST news...she sold it to us for $40!!!! God is SOOOO good...now, just pray it gets here SOON so we can make sure and have it ready to go....hard to believe that we are now under 2 months! YIKES.....oh...and if you haven't heard me say this before....I don't like weddings! HA!

OH....Mason got his bike! YIKES....I NEVER thought I would be able to help him get the durn thing...it is quite funny that the person MOST opposed is the one that had to help him get it.

Okay....that is a lot of stuff....now....how about a few layouts and cards....yes...I've still managed to do a little creating....I NEED to....

The popsicle card is a lift from
one I saw online...I just loved
it and had to do one...yes, mine
is a bit different, but still it is a
lift! I used one of the Cricut
carts to make it! The other two
layouts are just some fun things...
one to remind us to remember
that God's creation is allll around
us and we need to LOOK and
enjoy what He created! The other
one...Retail therapy...well...let's just
say the kids were having fun at
WalMart one night..Gotta love the kids!


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