Friday, October 10, 2008

Come join us!!!

4SS is having a GREAT online crop! With some wonderful challenges....some will be Saturday only challenges, some will run all week long...COME PLAY!

We will have games and make-n-takes....and all with a BUNCH of WILD AND CRAZY women!

I PROMISE if you haven't joined us for a wild weekend/week you are in for a GREAT TREAT!!! We have crazy people that poll dance....we have all sorts of yummies to share (ask about Puppy Chow for people!)

AND....if you are into 'prizes' WE'VE got those too!!!!!!!

So....come join us NOW for a little 'pre' chatter and then...get ready Saturday morning bright and early to PLAY!!!!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Why I don't like Monday's

Today started out GREAT....home school went wonderful. We were done by 11:00....RARE occurrence alone, much less on a Monday. I started thinking to myself, hey, this could actually be a nice Monday. Maybe some 'me' time in there...then it started.

Dh called....a car was found, need you to go look at it Mason and I went. Looked, wasn't my idea of what I wanted. Saw another car, but probably was out of our budget. Called dh, told him....said he would look into it.

So....come home...need to get supplies for a new meeting tomorrow. So, off to Brandon we go (talked Lydia into riding with me. I will say that was a fun trip...she was on a MAJOR learning spree today and was asking the 'why' and 'what' questions all day, like 'what is the DOW', 'what is interest', 'tell me about insurance'....). Get to Brandon and my key won't work! UGH....why didn't I try it as soon as it was given to me?? So, back by other WW meeting location to see if they had enough of what I needed, they didn't. Come home, call friend, she does have enough, but that would mean almost the same distance to get them as it would be to go BACK to Brandon.

In the midst of allll that, dh found out about the other car. It was a little more than we wanted to pay, but not way too much more....about $500 more than the other one...the other one needed new tires and had an issue that we weren't 100% certain would be a simple dh it was up to him. After several calls he tells me that he picked the one I wanted. So...that means draining our savings account...UGH....and go BACK to Brandon to get the stuff I needed.

This time I put Noah in the truck with me. Got to Brandon (they opened the place up for a meeting so I could get in this time) got all my supplies and came home. Asked Mason if he could take me to Pearl to get the car...sure mom....

Get home, let's have hamburgers for supper tonight....okay, someone needs to turn on the grill...

THAT is where it got even crazier....Mason turned on the grill and BAMB....a HUGE flame came up and burnt his FACE!!!!! Didn't know if it really hurt but after about 5 minutes it was could smell the burnt hair and he was crying in truck about 15 minutes before we are to leave to meet dh as I'm driving to the MEA...other arrangements will need to be to MEA before they closed, one lady in front of us but as soon as I finally told them what had happened they had us back in the room in about 2 minutes and the Dr was RIGHT there....shot for pain, goopy stuff for face....answering questions, calling hubby, trying to get insurance forms filled out....listening to dr....UGH....OVERLOAD.....

Got out of there, who can take me to Pearl now, dh is waiting for me to come get the car and bring the check (he wasn't upset, because he was worried about Mason but we thought he would be inside...he wasn't.....)Called Martina who was working late and asked her if she could bring me over there (got Mason settled in and more pain meds down him first)....she could...she brought me to car....stopped at WM to get stuff for oil change.....and to fill scripts....they are OUT of the cream and won't have it until MAYBE tomorrow....will have to call about noon to see...FINALLY about 9:15 get home....son is still in pain....give him MORE pain meds....change towels out on his face....

Are you tired yet??? I am.....he is finally asleep....but it won't be for long I'm sure....pain meds can be given again about 1:00 am....will try to get a few hours of sleep after that....have to be up EARLY for 2 meetings in the am and to find the cream for his face....

CALGON!!!!!!!! TAKE ME AWAY!!!!!!!!


YEA! I had my son, Noah draw a winner and he drew:


So as soon as you contact me with your mailing address (email me at I'll get your stamp in the mail to you! Also, everyone still is entered in the big drawings! Good luck! I'm hoping it comes from my challenge!!!!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Week 4/52 ATC Challenge

Week 4!

This our Life Deck....okay....52 weeks, or 52 years...whatever it takes we should create this....we should have something to look back on and remember these times...but yet know, that our BEST DAYS lie ahead of us...but it was the past that placed us on the roads we are on....and the 'Y's we face every day.....the curves we didn't see, the curves we did.....let's take the time to TRAVEL our road!! And travel it together! What a fun venture...are you ready????

So...we are moving on from the 'days' to a new little 'mini' series....and this one is called GIRLFRIEND!!!!

Even though there are MANY guys that make ATCs (and yes there are), this little 3 week series is all about being a GIRL!!!! (sorry guys...if there are any of you out there taking up my challenge you will just have to And for this first one, let's talk about our 'STYLE'....maybe it is the style of clothing you wear, (just a hint...leave off the accessories! we will talk about those later), maybe it is the style that you create with, maybe it is just an off shoot and you can be a MAVERICK and do what ya want (that was kind of where I went...). But SHOW ME YOUR STYLE!

Like I said....I went a little to the 'Maverick' style....and did my own thing! I love pink and black...and pink and brown.....and I love HS goodness....and stamps.....and get it, I went a little off on my own thing here. Remember there really are NO rules....EXCEPT to CREATE and HAVE FUN!


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