Friday, October 24, 2008

How 'bout some goodness....

Okay....I HAVE to show off this kit.....I think this was one of my ULTIMATE favorite kits from Queen Kat Designs!!!

The paper is PERFECT for everything from fall cards, to just because cards to manly cards to LAYOUTS!!!! OH MY GOODNESS....THEN add on top of that the awesome stamp set...

Guys...RUN to the store to get your kit NOW!!!! THESE are SURE to not last long!!!!

the FLU!!!

I can't believe...I've gone like 4 or 5 years without getting the flu...but not this time...IT FOUND ME!!! I'm sure it could have been worse but UGH.....I've sneezed like 1,000 times....have stuck tissues up my nose to stop the flow (I know...TMI, sorry), and have downed tylenol like it is going out of business...well....every 4 hours on the hour.....I think the fever has broken though....and after two doses of tamiflu I think I might survive....Adison had it first...Lydia had it a little...she bounced back after 2 days....Vince and Mason have had their flu shots so hopefully they are safe.....

Oh well...such is life and after it being in my house for every year, and not landing on me I guess my odds were stacking up against me!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Week 6/52 ATC Challenge

New challenge time!

This our Life Deck....okay....52 weeks, or 52 years...whatever it takes we should create this....we should have something to look back on and remember these times...but yet know, that our BEST DAYS lie ahead of us...but it was the past that placed us on the roads we are on....and the 'Y's we face every day.....the curves we didn't see, the curves we did.....let's take the time to TRAVEL our road!! And travel it together! What a fun venture...are you ready????

This is the last week of this little 'mini' series....and it is called GIRLFRIEND!!!!

Even though there are MANY guys that make ATCs (and yes there are), this little 3 week series is all about being a GIRL!!!! (sorry guys...if there are any of you out there taking up my challenge you will just have to

And for our FINAL week let's just talk about BEING A GIRL!!!!! What is it that makes you a girl? Is it that you wear a lot of pink? That you LOVE high heals, that you have the EMOTIONS of a girl...are there times you wish you were a little girl again....are there times you HATE being a girl (and I know we all have those certain days, lol)...or maybe you are more of a tom boy, but at the same time still a girl!....whatever it is, SHOW what it means to you to be a GIRL!?!

I had fun with this....I talked about all the different prerogatives that I have! And I brought in some of my favorite little fun colors right now, I can't WEAR orange or yellow...but I sure like them in my world lately! I love flowers and butterflies....hence the scalloped edges and butterfly sequins! HAVE fun and I can't wait to see your creations!

Have a great week and PLEASE share your creations with me!!!!


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