Saturday, May 31, 2008

Here is what we did

Here is where I went today.... is hard to watch your 'little' girl try on dresses that you know will be the start of so much change for her....

It is all a good thing, but yet when you first see her walk out of that dressing room, it will put a lump in your throat, and your heart does a big heart is amazing all the things you think about when she is trying them think about the time she was a little child and just beginning to walk, to the time you wanted to ring her neck because of the 'boy' she thought was the 'end all' 'be all'.....when you catch her on the house phone at 11:30 to sneak to talk to him....then you begin to think beyond the day....beyond the dress....what kind of a wife will she many children will she have....will she think of me as a 'good mom' as she ventures down that road with children of her is amazing all the thoughts....then you come back to...oh my goodness...that dress is HOW MUCH! HA!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Just a few....

Just a few new things I've done.....ASF
is down again...sigh...server issues again.....hopefully this time it will be SHORT! Been in a 'boy' scrapping mode....for some reason the colors are 'hitting' me right now. I'd like to get in a 'girl' mode because I have several new papers that are girly...but need to find some pics...guess I could go do that with ASF down huh? Would give me something fun to do...upload pics and order them...hmmm....

So now that I shared the layouts, how about some cards....these 4 all use Queen Kat Designs NEW Grunge 1 stamp! It ROCKS....I'm not normally a big 'background stamp' type person, but I LOVE this one! She is releasing this one and several other background stamps that would be JUST as fun on June 1! Make sure you add at LEAST one to your collection!

That is it for today....I do have the next challenge for QK DT ready to post....need to get it up! I did an ATC!!! Woohooo!


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