Friday, March 28, 2008

After Friday comes Saturday

And it is my HOPES that I get to just chill all day....I'm HOPING to maybe scrap a page or two. I'm thinking we will have to run to AT&T (Cingular or what ever it is today) to get DH a new cell phone...he can't find his! NOT a good thing. BUT at least it is turned off as far as we can tell. If you call it it just goes right to voice mail, so we are thinking it is dead where ever it is. Wonder if we both end up with new phones tomorrow...that might be fun....maybe....but I don't want it to take all day that is for sure! Maybe lunch out but that is it!

HOPEFULLY I will have some new stuff to put up tomorrow....HOPEFULLY!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Is THIS IT????


They told me it was coming....I've had the 'label' put on me....but could it be true???

Is this REALLY 'IT'?????

What is this crazy woman talking about...well...if you're a man, you might want to stop reading...

If you are YOUNG, you might think she is really off her rocker....

If you have already experienced 'IT' you are probably laughing.....

BUT if you are in 'IT' with me you can RELATE!!! And I don't need to even tell you because you should already know!

The last few days have been a roller coaster of EMOTIONS! Happy one minute....and in TEARS the next....YUCK....YUCK....YUCK....

So....what is a girl to do...she MUST find some HUMOR.....that is in my quest for something to make me LAUGH I found a great site.....I spent an hour or more there reading and laughing....(and even almost crying....but that is okay this time....)

It is called 'Minnie Pauz'

Here is one of the items I found on it, make sure you go visit! Especially if you are in 'IT' is great for some laughter!

A very weird thing has happened. A strange old lady has moved into my house. I have no idea
who she is, where she came from or how she got in. I certainly did not invite her. All I know is
that one day she wasn’t there, and the next day she was. She is a clever old lady and manages
to keep out of sight for the most part, but whenever I pass a mirror, I catch a glimpse of her.
And whenever I look in the mirror to check my appearance, there she is, hogging the whole thing,
completely obliterating my gorgeous face and body. This is very rude. I have tried screaming
at her, but she just screams back.

If she insists on hanging around, the least she could do is offer to pay part of the rent, but no.
Once in a while, I find a dollar bill stuck in a coat pocket, or some loose change under a sofa
cushion, but is not nearly enough to even pay part of the rent.I don’t want to jump to conclusions,
but I think she is stealing money from me, I go to the ATM and withdraw $100, and a few days
later it’s all gone. I certainly don’t spend money that fast, so I can only conclude the old lady is taking it.

You’d think she would spend some of that money to buy wrinkle cream, Lord knows she needs
it. And money isn’t the only thing I think she is stealing. Food seems to disappear at an
alarming rate. -- especially the good stuff like ice cream, cookies and candy. I can’t seem to keep
that stuff in the house anymore. She must have a real sweet tooth, but she’d better watch it,
because she is really packing on the pounds, I suspect she realizes that and to make herself feel
better, she is tampering with my scale to make me think I am putting on weight too.

For an old lady, she is quite childish. She likes to play nasty games, like going into my closets
when I’m not home and altering my clothes so they won’t fit. And she messes with my files and
papers so I can’t find anything. This is particularly annoying since I am extremely neat and
organized. She also fiddles with my VCR so it does not record what I have carefully
programmed it to do.She has found other imaginative ways to annoy me. She gets into my mail,
newspapers and magazines before I do and blurs the print so I can’t read it. And she has done
something really sinister to the volume controls on my TV, radio and telephone. Now all I hear
are mumbles and whispers.

She has done other things -- like make my stairs steeper, my vacuum cleaner heavier and all
my knobs and faucets harder to turn. She even made my bed higher so that getting into and out
is a real challenge. Lately she has been fooling with my groceries, applying glue to the lids,
making it almost impossible for me to open the jars. Is this any way to repay my hospitality.
She has taken the fun out of shopping for clothes. When I try something on, she stands in front
of the dressing room mirror and monopolizes it. She looks totally ridiculous in some of those
outfits, plus she keeps me from seeing how great they look on me.

Just when I thought she couldn’t get any meaner, she proved me wrong. She came along when
I went to get my passport picture taken, and just as the camera shutter clicked, she jumped in
front of me! Disaster! I have never seen such a terrible picture. How can I go abroad now? No
customs official is ever going to believe that that crone scowling from my passport is me.
She's walking on very thin ice. If she keeps this up, I swear, I'll put her in a home. On second
thought, I shouldn't be too hasty. First, I think I'll check with the IRS and see if I can claim her as a dependent
............Rose Madeline Mula

Monday, March 24, 2008

Oh Wait!

Did manage to get our Easter pics yesterday! So here are a few....Mason was having 'height' issues...he is NOT liking it that his 13 yo brother is taller than him! HA....he had to stand on the 'hill' and on his tiptoes....

Home again, home again...

Been home for a while but life didn't I'm FINALLY getting to post on here!

First...check out what happened while we were on tour!

To say it was an AMAZING tour would be an understatement!

Tonight we have our homecoming concert....anxious to see the kiddos again.....and then tomorrow it is back to the normal routine....4 more weeks of school! YEA! So that is our next count down.

Also....I haven't been feeling well....don't know what is up. Happened a few months ago and going through it all again. MAJOR issues with my stomach. After going to church yesterday, fixing lunch and eating I went to bed to block the pain and stayed there all day. Today my stomach is better but every bone in my body aches from being in that bed. But I am determined to get something done least the house is fairly clean, most of the laundry is it should be okay!

Have a blessed day!


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